ANIMELOGUES | 100 Greatest Anime
ANIMELOGUES | 100 Greatest Anime

ANIMELOGUES | 100 Greatest Anime

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What are LIFELOGUE posters? What are they for?

LIFELOGUE posters are interactive wall art posters developed by BEEN THERE DONE THAT. They are part bucket list of a 100 curated items, part journal with interactive features, and part wall art showcasing exquisite designs. Every LIFELOGUE poster is linked to a passion. We currently have Travel and Movies as our themes and will bring new passion areas soon! 


While most posters at best look pretty, they don't engage with its owner, and never personal. Our pioneering interactive concept, breaks new grounds across dimensions and presents a never-seen-before piece of art that talks to you, personalizes per your wish, evolves with you, and makes itself truly yours.


We transform walls into living art galleries worth your pride! You can read more here.


What is the BEEN THERE DONE THAT story?

You can read our article here
Born as a 10 ft custom designed map, set out to inspire travel, a 10 year old map was our very first poster. A decade on, our products carry the same spirit to inspire whatever that one pursues.

We create LIFELOGUE posters. A series of interactive posters designed to inspire you to reignite your passion. We know what it’s like to get caught up in the every day. Whether your passion is cinema, travel, books, cooking, or experiences - it’s so easy to put what we want to do aside for what we have to do.

So we set out to create something beautiful. Something experiential. Something personal. That is completely yours. Something you can hang on the wall with pride. Something that inspires you to get out and do the things you love to do. Our curated lists of one hundred items does the research for you. We built a formula that takes reviews and ratings from multiple sources to compile a more authentic “100 Best” list and made the artwork underneath stunning for you to want to scratch them all off. We’re here to help you take your passion from 0 to 100. 



What are LIFELOGUE posters made of?

We know what it's like to be the owner of a great product that's well designed and that feels good holding on to. Having led billion dollar global brands, we keep a strong product-first focus. We've proven that as long as the product is great and service creates good value, people will come, and keep coming back. This goes for the art and design too. So we spend an incredible amount of time curating and creating art, being obsessive about quality because we know that together that will have a meaningful impact on your life.

See our Unboxing video below.

From the birth of this poster, we've been persistent about choosing the best quality materials.

Our Paper

We explicitly use 250GSM Art Paper only, the highest standard paper for wall art. 


Our Printing Technology

We use the most advanced industry grade Six-Color-Process printing to ensure spectacular color re-production which is why our posters give a stunning burst of colors!

Laminate Protected Artwork

Post printing we Laminate Protect the entire poster to ensure that longevity of the colors and to ensure no scratching of the poster damages the gorgeous artwork below. 

Our Gold Foil Technology

Our Gold Foil is the most premium available using a special Easy-Off layering technology, so interacting with it feels smooth as a hot knife through butter. You will know that the instant you scratch off the first time.

Our Packaging

Our obsession on quality doesn't stop just yet. The LIFELOGUES are ONLY touched with gloved hands. 

Every LIFELOGUE is covered with a sheet to protect the Gold Foil. 

To protect your LIFELOGUE, they are packaged carefully into Reinforced Hard Tubes. 


We don't leave shipping to chance! Which is why every LIFELOGUE tube is then placed in bubble-wrap packaging. So when you open your LIFELOGUE, you are guaranteed nothing but exquisite quality!

Each and every poster we create integrates a breakthrough interactive concept, meticulous curation brought to life with visually stunning designs manufactured with the state-of-the-art technologies using the most premium materials.


What is included in the tube?

The following is included in every LIFE-LOGUE order.
  • 1 250GSM Poster with Gold Foil Scratch Off Layer - 16.8 inches x 25.2 inches
  • 1 BEEN THERE DONE THAT Scratch Off Pick
  • 1 Set of HALL OF FAME Sticker Set with 130 stickers + 50 Backup stickers
  • 1 Hard Tube
  • 1 Instruction Brochure
  • No frame is included
  • Net Weight: 0.66 lbs / 0.3 kg


Which new LIFELOGUES are you planning to release? 

The best way to get alerted on new releases is to sign up further below for updates on new releases. We are constantly identifying potential passion areas to develop. We welcome any suggestions you may have and can't wait for you to drop us a note!  



Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide which is FREE for orders above $70.


Do you offer FREE Shipping?

Yes! Global Shipping is FREE for orders above $70 via Economy Shipping. You can upgrade to Priority Shipping that is couriered to the destination country including speedy custom clearance for a nominal top up.

What are your US Shipping Options?

All US orders are fulfilled by our US warehouses. We have 4 US Shipping Options - Economy, Priority, Expedited, and 2-Day Shipping with Tracking Systems on all. Shipping large items like our posters are usually expensive. Which is why we absorb a fair bit of the shipping & handling costs to offer cost effective rates and make owning a LIFELOGUE more affordable. 

Economy Shipping delivers between 8-19 working days via standard registered mail. 

Priority Shipping delivers between 4-15 working days via priority registered mail.

Expedited Courier delivers between 3-7 working days via courier services

2-Day Express delivers in 2 working days.

What are your International Shipping Options?

We have 2 International Shipping Options. Economy and Priority with Global Tracking System on both. Shipping large items like our posters is usually expensive. Which is why we absorb a fair bit of the shipping & handling costs to offer cost effective rates and make owning a LIFELOGUE more affordable. 

Economy Shipping delivers between 8-19 working days depending on location. The package is delivered to your country with international tracking and handed over to your National Postal Service via Registered Standard Mail, also with tracking. 

Priority Shipping delivers from 4-15 working days depending on location. The package goes via special courier and custom clearance service and handed to your country's National Postal Service via Registered Mail. As with Economy Shipping, Priority also has end-to-end Global Tracking.

Where can I check the status of my order?

Your order can be tracked using the tracking link/code found in your shipping confirmation email. Click the link in the email to see your tracking status. For International Shipments, local carrier tracking numbers are also indicated on the tracking page. You can also track local carrier tracking by inputting your tracking numbers in any global tracking systems. Eg. 17Track -


What is the shipping time?

Shipping times vary by location and is indicated while choosing shipping option at checkout. Shipping times are in working days after shipment is processed which takes between 1-2 working days. 

International orders times vary by distance and custom regulations. Priority Shipping typically delivers from 4-15 working days depending on location. Economy Shipping delivers from 8-19 working days. Both options can be tracked via Global Tracking System.

Where do you ship from?

BTDT is an international brand and officially trademarked in the US. It was initially founded in the heart of international travel, the melting pot of cultures, and the safest and now the most visited city in the world (and for good reason), Singapore. Since its inception, BTDT has expanded operations to 6 warehouses around the world, with major operations in the US, with Fort Lauderdale, Florida as our headquarters.

All US orders are shipped from our US warehouses. All international orders are shipped from one of the 6 global warehouses depending upon your location. In rare cases, out of stock designs are fulfilled from alternative warehouses where stock is available. Regardless of where we ship from we meet the shipping times indicated for respective shipping options.



What is your refund policy?

Yes, we do have a returns and refund policy. You may read it here.



What is your privacy policy?

You may read our privacy policy here.


What are your Terms of Service?

You may read our Terms of Service here.